Deal Origination

Our experience with identifying opportunities for forestry investments includes the scouting of land with suitable conditions with regard to specific uses and species, and the application of techniques around the generation of top-grade products. We select an appropriate model to drive target return on investment for a given project. 

Structure, Modeling and Projections

SilviConsult assists clients develop forestry and agroforestry business plans.  This consists of initial and ongoing budgeting in addition to the implementation and analysis within the context of each project. Finally, we develop cash-flow projections based on transparent and standardized accounting practices with reporting performed in a timely manner. 

Tax and Legal Analysis

We assist our clients through the entire process of due diligence, land acquisition, maintenance, logging and farm infrastructure development and upkeep.

Types of Projects

Commercial Forestry Plantations

Our staff have established and managed over 4,000 hectares of commercially viable fine tropical hardwood plantations with the fundamental aim of generating attractive financial returns for investors. While most of these have included a core component of teak, many also incorporate native fine hardwoods, such as rosewood. A signification portion of these plantations have been established under FSC standards.  Under FSC, silviculture techniques and methods are utilized to conserve soil health and enhance environmental and social benefits, such as the protection of watersheds, biological corridors, habitat for biodiversity and rural livelihoods through employment and training. 

Agroforestry Systems

The SilviConsult team has carried out various agroforestry projects in Panama. These primarily consist of native tropical hardwood species and shade-grown coffee. Such projects incorporate tropical hardwood species in combination with agricultural crops, such as coffee and cacao.  Agroforestry projects generate staggered cash flows beginning from an earlier point by diversifying income streams and building more sustainable local value chains. 

Silvopasture Systems

Our staff have established approximately 400 hectares of systems in which timbers are inter-planted with livestock and forage crops. Through synergies, there is an increase in livestock production through proper pasture management and the conservation of water resources and soil fertility. The principal goal of this type of project is to renew pasture lands through the establishment of improved forage with timber trees dispersed throughout the system. In addition to complementing the productive feeding of livestock, the reforested areas protect local river and stream banks. 

Environmental Compensation through Restoration Ecology Plantation

Construction companies, industrial farmers, mines, hydro power plants and others users with large environmental footprints have created an urgent need to develop restoration ecology programs to compensate the environmental impact generated by traditional economic activity. 

Our approach embodies the design and implementation of reforestation projects with native tree species to restore forest cover in zones that were previously occupied by invasive species or degraded in other ways that prohibit the natural succession of forest regeneration.  

To ensure a lasting effect, it is imperative to engage local communities as active stakeholders. We understand that sustainable environmental compensation measures should incorporate not only environmental activities but complementary legal, administrative, economic and social aspects as well.

The target areas may be planted with a mix of over 40 native tree species, each with its own distinct function within the natural ecosystem. Example of important ecological and social functions considered in management plans include pioneer species, sustainable timber production, fruiting species for birds and other fauna, healthy forest canopy and understory structures, and erosion protection. 

Development of Forestry and Agroforestry Projects for Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development Programs

Our team has experience in the development of forestry projects linked to community development of indigenous towns in rural areas of Panama. In these areas we direct our sustainability efforts toward supporting a sustainable human and ecological development footprint. 

We offer the following consulting services:

  • Forest Inventory
  • Geo-referencing
  • Assessments for Forest Certifications: FSC, Gold Standard, CCBA
  • Forest Assessments
  • Surveying and GIS
  • Formulation of Growth and Projected Growth Databases
  • Forest Management Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Soil Testing
  • Technical Financial Reports
  • Commercial and Beneficial Thinning
  • Growth Forecasts
  • Forest Appraisals
  • Technical Training Joomla 3.3 Templates